PTA Banned Xiaomi Phones in Pakistan

PTA the authentic telecommunication company has the rights to give permission to foreign brands to setup their business for the selling and buying perspective. PTA has barred the Chinese company Xiaomi from selling its branded phones in Pakistan with some legal issues with the Government of Pakistan.

Xiaomi phones banned in Pakistan

Reason for Banning the Phones:

An unofficial site is running by some private entity which too is selling the Chinese phones providing the warranty as the official phones but with higher prices.  The website is operated with some MI international with the same company outline that is why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has restricted the site from selling Xiaomi handsets.

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Though it was a legal reason that the unofficial site was restricted but the reason the retailers have given is that PTA has given the reason that market should be given to the Pakistani products so that they can have better market to play. The company in return has stated it on their so called official page that PTA due to legal reasons has restricted the site and will be back soon as they respect the telecommunication authority and do value what they say and will do.

Other reason is scarier than what you think as the illegal site is stealing user data and sending it to the Chinese server. For the same reason the neighboring country has blocked these phones from selling and is now the hot news of the town.

PTA Stance:

PTA has given no such reason of barring or banning this site but the truth is that the site is not running by the original company. PTA will have its investigation and then expected to release some official statement.

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This company has not issued NOC (No objection certificate) for selling their phones in Pakistan which is a preliminary thing for selling foreign products in Pakistan nor they have any physical office to operate their services.