USB charging can Hack your cell phone

Smartphones come up with USB charging cable and when we feel lazier almost all the time we just plugged our phones into Laptops and PC and charged them up. To most of the people it look convenient and easy despite being that it is harmful this way or other. Smartphone experts say that charging cell phones with USB cable affects your cellular battery and ruined its life time.

USB charging can hack your smartphone

Kaspersky which is known as one of the best Antivirus, the same Lab Scientists suggested that plugging your cell phone with laptop and Personal computers allowed the hackers to copy your personal data and other content and can exploit in a longer run. Kaspersky lab scientist tested many cellular devices and finally reach at the solution that smartphones are vulnerable to any harmful virus that can attack to the system of the smartphones (Android, iPhones).

How your cellular phone can be hacked?

Charging your cell phone for more than 3 minutes and hackers can get the access to your phone.  Question looms how? While plugging your cellphone with your personal computer and Mac it always ask to install some third party agreement which eventually give access to the third party which actually are the hackers.

Curious Case of WhatsApp Encryption Feature

When the device is attached the information that is accessible and can be breached includes device name, address, manufacturing type and serial number. This information is quite enough for the hacker to hack the pictures and content to exploit anyone and anything.

Make Your Smartphone Secure With Following Steps

How to Avoid?

  • The better solution that Kaspersky has suggested is to not plug your device via USB to your systems. In case if you have no option then better solution is to use trusted workstations including computers.
  • Never unlock your smartphone whilst charging your cellular device this will provide an easy access to the hackers.
  • Use encryption on your cell or protection App which too can protect your cell phone in a longer run.