Now Careem will Collect Qurbani ki Khaal for Shukat Khanum

Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital has just started its partnership with the largest car service in Pakistan which has already set its branches in other countries including Dubai. Pakistani users can donate their animal hides to Pakistani’s first and largest ever hospital for free.

Careem will collect Qurbani ki khaal for SKMH

All you need is to download Careem App to book a car for donation type SKMH. Shaukat Khanum team will collect the donated hide from Careem. This service will put your efforts in helping the poor by donating voluntarily to help them in the longer run.

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Objective of this partnership:

Careem partnership will provide a free room and help to all those who want to book this service for free. Shaukat Khanum will send its vans to collect the hides and in return they will be using Careem customers who want willingly to donate their animal hides on the auspicious day of Eid ul Adha. This offer is for the three days of Eid and is currently available in some of the areas Lahore.

Careem objective being behind this partnership is to provide a reliable and tension free platform to the users in order to use the technology and innovation for much needed cause. Careem of course is a reliable and secure car booking service which recently has started its economical service in Twin cities. On the other hand this partnership between Careem and Shaukat Khanum which provides state of the art service to operate cancer that too for free for the lower, middle and deserving people of Pakistan.

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We must appreciate this effort by Careem and should use this service for the betterment of Pakistan and its people. Book your car service prior Eid before it’s too late and put your share in this noble cause