Want Best Islamic Game for kids? download LilMuslim3

Parenting is one tough job which is intertwined with care and responsibility besides the shenanigans of their laughter, giggles and cute stuff associated with this relation.  Observe a kid and you will find him surrounded by stuffed toys, tablets and all other useless things which are source of fascination for them but lacks moral character building. Kids love to hear the stories of their favorite cartoon characters and their heroism but confusion surpassed when you asked your kid anything related to Islam. This is indeed a failure for you being a parent if your kid knows every tiny detail about a mere cartoon but none about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

lil muslim 3 best islamic game for kids

Make Your Kid An Asset For Hereafter:

It is one of the hardest job to divert your kid towards Islam that too when he is stuffed around so many of western glittering. The only way left out is to deal your kid the way he should supposed to be.

Lil Muslim 3- Short Surahs of Quran learning Game

In this techno savvy world there are few games which are designed to help Muslim parents in teaching Quran and Islam content to their kids. LilMuslim3 is a sequel of Lil Muslim which is designed by Quran reading to teach kids short Surahs of Quran in fun and interactive way with 3D graphics.

The catch lies in keeping the kid bound to the screen to keep him busy in playing the game but subconsciously all this will get stored in his mind and eventually he will learn and recite Surahs quite easily. This unique game offers:

  • Three stages starting from teaching to Quiz for testing his memory
  • Interactive 3D Design, Catchy character and vibrant diversified environment.
  • Kid voice over which will serve as icing on the cake and the kids will love it.

What’s Inside The Box?

Game has three levels.

  1. Match and Drag: This level let the kid learn the complete ayah of the surah.
  2. Full recitation: After completing the Ayah the game helps the kid to recite the complete Surah with correct pronunciation with Audio.
  3. Quiz: Tap on right word of The Ayah to test the kid’s memory.

Why LilMuslim3?

In today’s busy world parents are utterly absorbed in their professional activities that they have left with no productive time to give it to their kids. It is suffice to surmise that these kinds of Islamic games are better tutor for your kids to make them familiar with Quran Surah for making them better Muslim.