iPhone 7 is here BUT no change in market Shares

Apple has just revealed its iPhone 7  unlike its rumors which to some is a wonder to buy and to some the same old thing. Since last night Apple is trending due to its launch event in which Tim Cook unveiled the new features of iPhone 7 and 7s which will be available from September 16th and on wards in Gulf and western countries. iPhone to some is a status symbol which offers the same specs as other cell phones but with high cost.

iPhone 7 and apple market share

Apple shares in Market:

Cost is a main feature to target the audience with your valuable product. Tim cook has designed this product on the same old features and there is nothing as amazing which can grab the attention of other people except the die hard Apple lovers. Apple shares have fallen in the market though last night a little boost has seen in Apple shares. 53 percent of the cellular market is owned by Samsung Company and other 13% and rest by the Chinese companies including Huawei and Xiaomi in which Apple is struggling to make its place.

Why iPhone 7 will not win hearts?

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s will not win hearts because it has no magical feature. It has introduced the same water resistant feature that has already introduced by other companies and Sony users have experienced it quite well.
  • It has removed that 3.5mm jack and iPhone users will have to pay extra money to buy that wireless earphones which the company has introduced to double user experience.
  • Camera feature in iPhone 7s is not a new thing as Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy has introduced these all specs years ago and in much cheaper prices. iPhone 7s Dual camera is something which user has to experience though.
  • No battery life improvement (2% is not a number to boast about).
  • No cord with headphones and if you need you have to buy one Aux cord
  • People will love more wireless charging than wireless earphones which they will going to lose in 2mins.

Best features:

  • Wireless Airpodes
  • Dual camera
  • Maximum storage of 32Gb, 128GB and 256GB
  • Quad core to enhance the performance
  • It kills off its 16GB storage
  • Jet black color is included which will make these phones more attractive


To most of the users one iPhone cost them their kidney and as Eid ul Azha is around the corner hence this will cost them their animal. To the Apple lovers it is effortless, wireless and magical. No matter what iPhone lovers will still going to buy it, if you are one of them then do let us know why you will buy it and which feature has impressed you much?